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The Podcast for Better Sex!

Oct 31, 2017

Are you a boss in love with another boss? 

It's easy to see why successful professionals often fall for other successful people. But often, sexual relationships between two high powered adults don't work out for the long-term because they can't figure out how to work together without trying to change each other! 

Since modern women are expected to act like men at work and modern men are expected to share their feelings in order to be successful, gender roles have become an outdated concept! But we still need to exhibit feminine and masculine energy when the time is right. Today's show explains how thinking of yourself as cake or ice cream, rather than as masculine or feminine, makes communication between two bosses much more successful - so they can get much more sexual!

In today's show, Dr. S uses cake and ice cream as an analogy to help professional couples make love better and stay together!  Love a la Mode, is Dr. S's strategy to help powerful people communicate more easily on  day to day basis. We all know that communication is one of the biggest relationship challenges and once couples get that down - they have WAAAAAY more time to make sweet love!