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The Podcast for Better Sex!

Sep 27, 2019

Get ready, sapiosexuals, we're catching up with Dr. Bira for Part II of our mindfulness series. In today's episode, we talk about about healing after a sexual hardship. Press play to hear our mental hacks for pleasure and satisfaction!

Have a sex question you're just burning to ask? Email sonjia@drsonjia.com for...

Sep 18, 2019

We've all been here - one minute you're having great sex and the next thing you know you're thinking about the laundry. But if you're thinking about your chores during sex, then you're probably not experiencing your ultimate sexual fulfillment! In this special guest series, we're talking to expert Dr. Lindsay Bira about...

Sep 11, 2019

Looking to relive the magic of Sensual Seduction? For those of you who have already experienced this Dr. Sonjia special, we’re posting the soundtrack so you can recreate the moment at home! If you haven’t heard yet, this special podcast is a sneak peak of Sensual Seduction, a new workshop coming soon to...