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The Podcast for Better Sex!

Dec 28, 2019

Happy Holidaze, sapiosexuals! We're wrapping up 2019 with one last visit from our local marijuana expert, Dr. Will Joseph. In today's show, Dr. S touches on some of the amazing benefits weed can have on sexual health and wellness. Ladies, you'll definitely want to hear this before 2020! Press play now to...

Dec 18, 2019

Can weed cause whiskey dick? Can you be too high for sex? We're answering these questions and more in today's episode of Sex in South Beach! That's right, sapiosexuals, Dr. Joseph is back for more on sex while stoned.

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Dec 1, 2019

Can marijuana make sex better? In today's episode, up-and-coming doctor and cannabis researcher Will Joseph gives us some expert advice on making love with MJ!

Have a sex question you're just burning to ask? Email sonjia@drsonjia.com for the chance to have your questions answered on the show!

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