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The Podcast for Better Sex!

Mar 8, 2017

Dr. S tells you why TODAY is the day to try a new SEX position!  We all know that bedroom boredom causes all types of relationship problems. But when it comes to sex,  did you know that LADIES often get bored WAY Faster than men? Yep, when she says, “ Not tonight,” that might just be a sign that she’s bored with your sex style!


In this episode you’ll learn:


why women get bored in bed

how different sex positions stimulate different erogenous zones

about sexual differences between women and men

foreplay strategies to make her climax more during sex

why sex positions for regular people are different than sex positions used in porn

which sex positions work best for women who have trouble achieving an orgasm

sex positions for fitness enthusiasts

where to find a great sex position guide for regular people who don't get paid to have sex (clue: click here for a great sex guide!)


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