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The Podcast for Better Sex!

Sep 23, 2023

Confident women deserve love too! Now more than ever, women are upapologetically embracing their Empowerment Era. But is it possbie for successful, independent women to find equally confident and supportive men? Today's guest says yes – and we should settle for nothing less!

In this episode, your favorite sex educator chats with sensuality educator and relationship coach Ken Blackman. As an expert in intimate coupledom, he has helped countless men and women discover what it truly means to be a Power Couple. Ready to rethink those gender norms? Press play now!

Have a sex question you're just burning to ask? Email sonjia@drsonjia.com for the chance to have your questions answered on the show!

Want more Ken-ergy? Head over to kenblackman.com or check out his page on Medium.
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